"Thank you a thousand times to these 2 lovers of photography and video for having captured the unforgettable moments of our wedding, of our life.

First of all, I love this couple in love, not only with each other, but also with their profession-passion.
Two charming, smiling, humble and very professional people, who immediately seduced us.

We really felt at ease during the photo and video sessions, thanks to their listening and their benevolent advice.

They knew how to transform the couple session, which was for us a moment of anxiety, into an unforgettable moment of laughter, sharing and of course love.
They knew how to capture the light, our looks, and our smiles as well as those of our guests.

We are really amazed by the quality of the photos and videos. We are moved without having the words to describe them, we find all that we love in the realization. The colors, the blurs, the contrasts, the angles of view, the general atmosphere ... in short ALL ALL ALL!

Listening to our requests, Chloe and Fabien have stuck as close as possible to what we hoped.

They did not hesitate to stay longer than they should have to capture the unique moments of our evening with our guests.

In conclusion, not a shadow in the picture, just light.
We recommend these two nuggets without hesitation."


"For the most beautiful day of my life, I called upon a magical couple.
Two people who, I think, love their job as much as they love each other.

They were so professional that I didn't even realize they were photographing me, but at the same time, when I took the time to look at them, I was reassured.
They were my strength and my thread throughout the day.
An adaptability that I have rarely seen.

They didn't stop all day.
From the morning during our preparation, town hall, church, to the hotel, to the procession, to the vin d'honneur and the evening.
God knows how much a wedding day's schedule can change and they remained unflappable.

They are passionate about what they do and convey it to us perfectly. I couldn't have asked for better service providers.
The photos are amazing and I still cry when I watch my movie.
So much cohesion between the two of them, it's magical and so beautiful to see that there are still human and understanding people.

I have only one word to say to them, it is thank you! Thank you so much for your work, your patience and for making this day the best day of my life.
Just sublime"


"A big thank you to Fabien and Chloe who offered us a superb souvenir of our wedding, that we never tire of watching. A quality video, two videographers involved throughout the day, who scrutinized the smallest details, that we ourselves had not had the opportunity to see. A pleasure to see the images again and to share them with our friends and family. We can only recommend your services, and the quality of your work. We really appreciated the slow motion shots, the drone shots and the selection of music to accompany the video, which met our expectations. Thanks again to both of you!"


"We used the services of Chloe and Fabien for our wedding.
It was a great experience and we can only recommend their services.
Their discretion and professionalism were unanimously appreciated by the guests and ourselves. The quality of the photos and video are still being praised today.
Great memories for life."


"It is with a heart full of affection that we thank you greatly for having contributed to make our wedding a magical and unforgettable memory for us.
Your kindness, your professionalism and your benevolence, throughout this day, allowed us to celebrate our Union in perfect conditions.
You were great from the beginning to the end, despite our last minute request.
With all our affection.

New testimonials are coming soon!