elopement experience

What is an adventure Elopement?

It’s getting married, yes, but it’s mostly doing what you want to do!
It’s breaking codes and traditions for a union that resonates with you a thousand percent.
It’s about connecting intensely to the present moment, to each other and to life.

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Do you dream of saying yes to the love of your life in a unique and exceptional way, in the middle of breathtaking landscapes?

Getting married with 2 or 10 people? Getting married on top of a mountain, at the foot of a cliff, in the desert.
Getting married on the other side of the world or even 100 meters from home?
Dare to reveal yourself, dare to show all your vulnerability to the other person in front of a grandiose nature or a handful of close friends.
To be one with the elements, to show your humility towards this powerful beauty and to honor it by taking it as a witness of your love.

To elope is also about creating unique, deep and meaningful memories!
It is a journey, an adventure, a ritual that only you and a few people dear to your heart will be able to engrave forever in their memory.
With an Elopement, the “traditional” wedding is lightened and stripped. Only the raw and essential core remains: you, your love and your loved ones.

How does it work?



We are interested in where do we start?

First, take a moment to discover our world and our vision by browsing the different sections of our site to see if you feel in harmony with our approach.
Don't hesitate to follow us on our social networks where we often add content.
It is also important to think carefully about what drives you to choose this wedding format. It must be a real desire, a conviction, a dream.
If you choose the Elopement by default, because for reasons of budget or other you can not achieve the traditional wedding of your dreams you may have regrets. Above all, you must listen to yourself

How do I book my Elopement? Are the conditions different from a wedding?

Contact us via our contact form in order to explain us your project of union and to indicate us the date on which you wish to realize it.

Please note, however, that it is not possible to request a weekend date during the high season (Saturdays and Sundays from the beginning of June to the end of September) for the entry-level Elopement package.

Then how does it work?

The first steps are relatively similar to those of a wedding (you can find the steps on our main FAQ); Physical or video meeting to validate the feeling between us, choice of the package adequate to your needs, signature of the contract and payment of a deposit of 40% to block the date.

Then we start the planning part and it is there that the process differs from that of a wedding.

How does the planning part work?

For an elopement we are your photo/video team and also your wedding planners if you have not already used one.
We help you to set up your union, we guide you on the choice of the place, the season, the choice of the various providers.
We advise you for the organization of the D-day and accompany you for the logistics.

We will follow you in your wildest projects. If you decide to climb a mountain to unite at the top, we will be there! That's the magic of the Elopement, it is possible to do everything!

How to decide the number of guests?

It's a very personal choice but it's important to keep in mind the words Intimacy and Connection.
Some decide to unite only in the presence of nature or an officiant, others decide to invite a dozen relatives.
The number of guests for an Elopement can go up to 15-20 people maximum.
It is important to choose the people who matter most and with whom you will feel yourself.

Is an Elopement an economical solution?

Yes and no.
An Elopement can indeed be less expensive than a classic wedding format, because there is no need to rent a domain or multiply by 150 all the expenses related to the guests.
Nevertheless it remains a certain investment, especially if you wish to do things well and with quality providers specialized in Elopement.

The budget will depend on your vision, if you dream of getting married close to home, or if you dream of getting married on a boat at sunset on a tropical island with a handful of friends and family for an exotic and exotic experience, the cost and organization will have nothing to do.

How many vendors do I need to book ?

You will have understood that the cost, the format and the organization of an event are specific to each project.
The choice of the number of service providers needed can therefore vary from simple to double or even triple, here is a non-exhaustive list of service providers you may need for your event:

Elopement / Travel Planner
Stationery; announcement, booklet of wishes, menu etc.
Designer ; dress, costume
Jeweller; wedding rings, jewelry.
Make-up artist / Hairdresser
Floral designer
Designer for decoration
Ceremony officiant
Rental of accommodation for you and your guests.
Caterers, waiters, wedding cake designer, Foodtruck ect