Utopic Lovers - La team


She is the creator of Utopic Lovers.

Self-taught and a jack of all trades, she always has 1000 projects in mind.
She is passionate about art and loves everything indie': music, cinema, reading.

She dreams of living on a small island in the Pacific or in an A-Frame cabin deep in Canada doing ceramics and snorkeling.


He is the videographer of the duo.

With a calm nature, he is the one who channels the 1000 projects of Chloe!
Self-taught, Adventurer and slightly Geek.
He is always looking for the latest gear!
He is a fan of downhill mountain biking but always complains because he doesn't have time to do it.

He dreams of going around the world in a 4X4 without speaking a word of English and going on a mission for Sea Shepherd.


She is the one who enjoys the fruits of the hard work of her parents.

17 years old, but fresh as a daisy,
Her saying: "naps on the computer keyboards are always the best".

Queen of the cuddles and great lover of human, she always knows how to achieve her goals.

Some of our Adventures !

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