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We are Chloé and Fabien, a destination wedding videographer and photographer couple.

Love Stories

Let's write your storie Together.

If you have come this far, it is because something in our images has touched you. You don’t know exactly what? The colors? The lights? but whatever it is, they speak to you and that’s already a huge step! As a bride and groom, you have so many choices and decisions to make, many things are new to you and the pressure of wanting everything to be perfect for the happiest day of your life can make the planning process overwhelming.

 Fortunately we are not just “button pushers”, we are a real team with you! We support you and guide you to the end! Making beautiful images is one thing, but making strong and authentic images is something else entirely, and it’s a job that’s done together. It is a relationship of trust that is built, and also a certain letting go that allows us to tell your story with sincerity. In short, don’t be afraid to be you!

Unique, Unforgettable & Non-conformist.

You have never thought about a traditional wedding. You dream of a union that reflects your image, a union that resonates with your history?
You don't like to do what everyone else does and you want this day to be an experience in its own right? L'Elopement is for you!